Sunday, December 09, 2007

Developing Babies

Grandma Toni came for the weekend, and allowed my parents a much needed break. We managed to get them out of the house and to dinner and a movie. With her help around the house, I also managed to put the final touches on the first volume of a series of ghost story books that I am writing. Hopefully I'll find a publisher for it soon.

In other news, the babies are growing up quickly. We've noticed a stray extra-long hair here and there on their heads, evidence that some new growth is occurring. They are drooling more, and seem to be starting to teethe (as they chew on Erin's fingers when they get the chance). Tummy time is becoming more productive, and the triplets love grasping and pulling on everything on their play mats. Socially, they all love smiling and babbling at people (or clocks) around. Arthur especially is enjoying sitting up for long periods of time (while propped), and we have started giving him toys and rattles to play with.

(And yes, we recognize we take more videos of Arthur than the other two, but he seems to be doing more active things than the girls, unless you count screaming and shrieking...)

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