Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road Trip (Sort of)

As the dreary weather is still keeping us from playing outside, we took the kids and their choo-choo wagon to the mall. For the first time we let them play on the mechanical cars. The triplets packed into a pink ferrari, and as the car roared to life beneath them, I am sure they were convinced they were headed on a grand trip to sunny California.

However, the trip was soon abandoned once they noticed the car behind them was a school bus! The bus is their favorite vehicle, and they all love signing and shouting "bus" when we see them in the morning. Arthur was literally bouncing with excitement when I put him in the bus - you can sort of see him signing "bus" and "go!" but he was too excited to sign them fully. (Oh, and I apologize for the song - I wanted to use the Signing Time bus song that the kids love, but I couldn't find it)

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