Sunday, March 01, 2009

It Snowed!

It snowed at least four inches today! It came late in the day, so the kids didn't get a chance to play in it, and we didn't get a chance to move our car up Nana and Pop Pop's steep driveway in time. So at the moment it is stuck halfway up the hill, and we are stuck here for the night. To entertain the kids, I quickly built a 5' tall snowman.

They were fascinated with it, but after an hour it started listing and its head fell off. Arthur ran around the living room saying "Uh oh, uh oh!" He eventually grabbed his "mup-mup," took him to the window, and pressed its face against the glass as he told it what had happened. He patted its head, pointed out the window, and said "uh-oh," repeating these motions for a good 15 minutes. (evidently Animal isn't that bright...)

And speaking of dolls, Coraline decided hers was hungry, and so she fed it crackers.

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