Wednesday, March 04, 2009

19-Month Check Up

Since we were late in making our 18-month appointment, our doctor only had a free space to see all of the kids for when they were 19-months old. So we headed in today for another excruciatingly-long doctor's appointment. (Luckily they were only getting one shot a piece). Arthur weighed 23 lbs, 7 oz (16th percentile), and was 31.5" tall (20th percentile).

Betty weighed 26 lbs, 4 oz (73rd percentile), and was 32" tall (58th percentile).

Coraline weighed 23 lbs 10 oz (36th percentile), and was 30 3/4" tall (24th percentile). And since her last two sick visits to the doctor involved catheterizations, she was not a happy camper at all (and evidentially she told Betty about the horrors of the doctor's office as well). Needless to say, we were thankful to be out of the office in just under two hours. But we'll be taking Coraline back again on Monday for further tests related to her previous UTI.

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