Friday, April 10, 2009

Richmond Road Trip

We left our house at 5 in the morning today, for our first-ever road trip - to Richmond! We arrived at Grandma Toni and Grandpa Carter's house, and decided that we would all spend the day at the zoo. Uncle Matt came too!

The kids loved seeing all of the animals (at our local zoo, we don't have any traditional "zoo" animals...)

All of the kids got their turn to hand-feed the giraffes. They enjoyed it so much that we had to return to the exhibit for a second visit. All of them would call out "Gir! Gir!" - expecting that the giant beasts would come on command. And when all was done, we were glad to see that they still had all 30 of their fingers.

Here's a picture of Arthur admiring a peacock from afar. Shortly after this, it hopped over a fence, and Betty almost had a nose-to-beak encounter with the bird.

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