Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Group Play

I managed to catch another video of the triplets playing together. The girls decided to start feeding Arthur imaginary toast (which evidently comes from the toaster's orange lever). As you watch it, notice:
1) Coraline often dominates playtime now
2) Arthur often plays on his own (violently)
3) About halfway through, Betty sneaks a few pieces of imaginary toast for herself
4) Coraline goes to hug Betty, but is refused (it's hard to get both of them in the mood for hugging)
5) Coraline puts a piece of "toast" in the microwave, before Arthur jams in his truck
6) The video ends when Arthur gets frustrated and tries to bite Coraline

In related news, Arthur got in his first cuspid (bottom left). Only 3 more to go!
Tooth count: A-13, B-16, C-16

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