Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Auntie Em and Uncle Eric Visit

Auntie Em and Uncle Eric flew in from Singapore for a two-week visit. To prepare the kids for them, we had been looking at their pictures and talking about them. We explained that Eric was tall, and Betty signed "giraffe." This plan backfired a bit, though, when Arthur came up to Nana the other morning, signing "sad," "scared," and "tall." Evidentially his imagination had taken off. But the introductions went well, and Arthur was able to point to Eric and call him by name.

Earlier this morning, we had been watching a cartoon episode of "Maisy," in which all of the characters were given piggy-back rides. Arthur climbed around the couch, got behind me, and put his arms around my neck. He said "Ride?" and I gave him a few piggy-back rides around the house. Afterwards, he noticed his toy plastic piggy. The gears in Arthur's head started turning, and he decided he'd try out a true piggy-back ride...

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