Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Easter Portrait

We finally got back our Easter portrait of the triplets. When we had gone to the photographer's last week, things didn't start off very well. To be there when the studio opened (it was a special kid's day, and it was going to be crowded), we had to wake up our kids after they had only napped for half and hour. Betty then started crying immediately when she got in the door (we think she thought the studio was the doctor's office), and she refused to wear her shoes. However, the photographers were very professional, and knew how to get Betty out of Erin's arms and posed with her siblings, and miraculously none of the kids needed their pacifiers for the picture. After we all go down to North Carolina next week for their doctor's appointments, and visit family in Richmond over Easter vacation, we think we'll start weaning the kids off of their pacifiers.

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Whirlwindkim said...

If Betty and Coroline don't look just like their Grandma Ruth!!! They are adorable like her too... :)
Now Arthur looks like he just short sheeted someones bed; he still has 'that' look!
An idea with the pacifiers; I don't know if doctor's offices still have those metal boxes for lab work to be sent out...outside their doors (like old fashioned milkman boxes) but I have a friend who told her daughter that they would drive the pacifier to the office, put the pacifier in the box and the doctor would be sure to give it a new baby since they didn't need it anymore...being 'grown up' It worked for her and I still remember it to this day (she is now in college!)