Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Grandma Toni, Grandpa Carter, Aunt Allison, and Uncle Matthew all drove over for Thanksgiving, and brought the meal with them. Now even with their help, what would you imagine would be the odds that we could all sit down together for a peaceful dinner? Bear in mind, this would require having the triplets on the same feeding schedule, for the dinner not to fall during one of their feedings, for them to jointly decide to take a nap, and for those babies who fell asleep while being carried, to continue sleeping once transferred to a bouncy chair.

For some miraculous reason (without planning on our parts) this indeed was the scene when the meal was ready. We ate in the dining room and in the kitchen, and the triplets gave us a silent hour as they slept in the living room. For this we were thankful.

In addition, Grandma Toni brought a section of Arthur's baptismal suit for a fitting. It looks so cute on him, and is extra special because it is made from Nana's wedding dress.

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