Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Cleaning

With Erin's family coming over for the Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to finally clean our house. Our house, that is, that we haven't really lived in for the past six months. We had fully moved over to my parents' house during the last two months of Erin's bed-rest, as she preferred the centrally located futon in the living room (in front of the big screen tv). Other than the first few days home from the hospital, and a few failed attempts to move back in the months afterwards, our house has been the domain of our three cats except for the daily run to pick up the mail. So when we decided to make the place livable again for guests, we had quite a chore ahead of us. We had to throw out the accumulated pile of cat hair we removed from all the furniture, and now I fear our cats will miss their old playmate.

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