Friday, December 05, 2008

Cooperative Play

We've started seeing more cooperative play out of the triplets. They are getting used to playing together, and seem to enjoy helping each other out. During diaper changes, the girls play "pacifier swap," where they'll walk over to where their sister is crying on the changing mat, and give her their pacifier. Or, if they both have pacifiers, they'll rip the one out of the one laying down, and trade pacifiers. Somehow this helps. Arthur is getting more affectionate, and is more prone to give his sisters kisses than try to rip out their hair. But it is still a slow process, and we are trying to get them to work on not stealing each other's toys, and learn the concept of "taking turns."

Oh, and Coraline got in a new upper tooth.

Tooth count: A-7, B-16, C-13

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