Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Communication Skills

Recently the triplets' communication skills have grown by leaps and bounds. They can follow simple commands, such as throwing away garbage, or cleaning up their toys or snacks. When the girls wake up in the morning, the last one up helps to find all the scattered pacifiers before coming downstairs. Arthur, especially, has started speaking more words (along with making the sign for them). Most recently he has been practicing:

No - "No-No-No
Run - "Raw-Raw-Raw"
More - "Maw-Maw"
Rain - "Ran-Ran"
Diaper - "Di-ya"
Up/Down - If you say one, he'll say the other

As an example of his usage of words and ideas, this morning he was in the living-room, and we heard him say "Uh-oh." So we turned to him and asked, "Uh-oh, what?" He then said "Tick-tock" and pointed to Nana's antique clock. We still didn't know what he wanted, so he signed and said "More-more-more." "More what?" We asked. And he said "Tick-tock" - for sure enough, the clock had run-down and the pendulum wasn't swinging anymore.


Shawn said...

Pretty cute, but doesn't teaching them to open the child safety latch defeat the purpose? :)

ABC Triplets said...

Oh, they figured out those child locks on their own months ago. Two of the drawers that were easiest to open we ended up having to empty out, and put kids toys in. Then they decided to climb into the drawers, and broke both of them. *Sigh*