Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Talker

The triplets, Arthur especially, have started mimicking the words we say, and have increased their vocabulary. Mostly the girls soon forget what they mimic (which we were thankful of when Betty repeated the word "Damn"). Arthur though, is making connections right and left. And he's linking together his signs and words into complex ideas - today he signed "out-eat-bird," as he asked to see the bird feeder outside (or to go eat at KFC...). Oh, and Arthur is convinced that Sabine, our little minpin, is a little bear. Each morning he wakes up, and signs "bear" when he hears her (sometimes going to the door and calling, "Bahr? Bahr?"). Here are a few new words and signs we've written down:

Signs: Dolly, Bear, Out, Car, Draw, Cook

Words: Bear (bahr), Water (wawa), Crocodile (dadi), Ta-Da! (da!), Book (boh), Out (ow), Draw (draw), Wow (wow), Cut (cutcutcut)

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