Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Love Our Poppets

We have finally made some strides in modifying the triplets' sleeping patterns. After struggling for a few weeks with the pick-up/put-down method, we now feel confident enough to have the three sleeping in the same room again. While there is still crying at night, and at nap time, it is significantly less, and they are able to put themselves to sleep after a few minutes of this (usually...)

We also took this time, while the girls were congested from their colds, to wean them off their reliance on their pacifiers. We've instead substituted their poppets, which Aunt Heather made for them. As you can see, the girls love to cuddle with them when they sleep. Arthur, while he doesn't quite cuddle with his doll, has managed to get some use out of it.


the schirano triplets said...

Lol! My girls do the same exact thing Arthur does! They drag their taggie blankets over their faces to fall asleep! Beware, we weaned off of pacifiers and now have 2 thumb suckers instead!!!

Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

So precious!

My girls have their "bun-buns" they sleep with now. They are just like their dolls...but pink bunnies.