Friday, February 22, 2008

Splish Splash

Sorry to post yet another video, but we felt that the personality of each of the triplets really is obvious at bath time. Arthur is the energetic one, who has taken to splashing in the bath water. Betty, showing off her belly, has taken a Roman approach to baths. She just lies back, and waits for her mom to clean her. Coraline, always ready for the camera, engages in the bathing, and still has time to play with the rubber ducky. Oh, and this is in sharp contrast to their first bathing video, in which the triplets screamed non-stop. Evidently they have gotten over their water allergies.


LeAnnie said...

This is such a cute video! I love the calm baby, that is my kinda baby!

amodernrenaissance said...

They are beautiful! I am not sure how I got to your site but this video clip just made me go back and look at my triplets' bath videos. I cried. Everyday busy life, and suddenly I almost can't remember them being so small. While we were living those sleep deprived months of our babies first year, I kept looking to the future when life would get easier. (and it did!) I wish I hadn't been so tired when they were babies. Time stood still for a while, and now time is in warp drive speed. I want to slow time down!!!! My BGG triplets are now 6 yrs old and I have a 4 yr old. The triplets are losing their baby teeth and learning to read. What happened???

BTW, Thanks for the links on your webpage to my books! I am the author of Potty Training for One, Two, or Three , and Breastfeeding for One Two or Three

(I would be happy to email you the eBook versions.)

Enjoy your wonderful babies.
Mom to Irene, Ian, Zoe, and Audrey