Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday!

Today the triplets turned six months old. On this momentous day, we decided to celebrate by offering them their first taste of solid food. In the past week, Arthur and Betty have shown a remarkable interest in food and drink, and we had started giving them water in their own sippy cups. Today when Grandma Toni brought back hamburgers for lunch, Betty anxiously started reaching for Erin's. We knew it was time to start on rice cereal.

We sat the three in their feeding table, strapped on their Virginia Tech bibs, and brought over to them a soupy bowl of rice cereal. We had expected crying and spitups, and were pleasantly surprised to be only confronted with the latter. Evidently they were all ready for solids. Coraline, though, seemed the least ready. As we had not offered her a sippy cup of water, she clearly seemed shocked at this new experience, sharing with us some interesting faces. Betty had a blast, as usual, and Arthur seemed like he had fasted all day. When not begging for each spoonful and wanting to skip his sisters' turns, Arthur spent the time licking off any fallen morsels that clung to his bib.

After this exciting adventure, we rounded out the day by going on a walk with Grandma Toni, making fingerpaint Valentine's Day cards, and taking much needed baths in the big bathtub.

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Uribe-Twinsies said...

That was hysterical! I especially enjoyed John Lithgow in the background. Congrats on reaching 6 months and Happy Birthday to the babies.

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