Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stroller Fun

For fun we got out a baby stroller that we had purchased a while back. The kids enjoyed pushing the doll all around the house. Betty decided it was hungry, and took over a mound of chex pieces (one at a time) to his lap. Arthur decided the doll had had enough time in the stroller, yanked him out, and instead put in a small stuffed eagle.

Grandma Toni came over today to watch the kids while we cleaned the house, but we were so busy working that we forgot to take pictures. Betty also finally got in her bottom left molar, taking her to a total of 11 teeth now. And we're pretty sure Arthur is working on another top tooth, but we know it will be an agonizing weeks-long process.

Tooth count: A-4, B-11, C-10

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