Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Betty's Babbles

Of the three kids, Betty is the one who babbles the most. She doesn't do it the way Arthur does, taking a single word or sound and repeating it over and over again. Instead, Betty has whole conversations in baby babble. She'll answer your questions, talk to herself, talk to the tv, and basically provides a non-stop narration of the day's activities. Her babbling has intonation, pauses, stresses, and inflections. The trouble is that we can't understand a single word. If you tell her you're confused, she'll repeat the exact same "sentence" as if it should be perfectly obvious to us what she is saying. It's like living with a foreign exchange student. Here are a few videos I thought I'd share (though they don't do her language skills justice).

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Anonymous said...

She's so cute - and so are her brother and sister!