Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Tale of the Accident

Today Coraline fell while running down the driveway, to which Arthur shouted, “Run too fast!” Of course, his warning had come too late, as Cora already had bloodied her knee (a common occurrence). Nana scooped her up to check out the wound, and Betty suggested, “Bandaid, Bandaid!” (Betty loves bandaids)

Coraline said, “No bandaid!” Betty bent down, scrunched up her nose, and inspected Coraline’s wound, declaring “Red! Red!” After repeating this a few times, eventually Coraline started saying to her, “No look, Betty, no look!”

Then Betty went and brought her a big dump truck to put on her lap, supposedly to soothe the pain. While Nana and Pop Pop praised Betty's thoughtfulness, Coraline declared, “Too big! Too big!” So Betty took the truck away, but not before examining the wound again, “Red! Red! Bandaid!” Coraline repeated, “No bandaid!” and so Betty suggested, “Get milkie!” (which Coraline loves). So Nana went in and brought Coraline some milk.

Where was Arthur during this? Kept at a distance, with Coraline shouting “No touch, Arthur!” every time his hands crept closer to her wound.


Unknown said...

This is adorable! And how thoughtful Betty is for her twin! Why doesn't C want a bandaid?

ABC Triplets said...

Coraline doesn't like bandaids. I think it's related to her hyper-sensitivity (she doesn't like when her shirt is wrinkled, when clothing doesn't lie on her right, etc.)

HBP said...

I love this story!

Anonymous said...

Um, most adorable story ever? Yes.