Monday, July 20, 2009

Language Skills

These are some of their three-word sentences that we've heard so far:
"I love you" (Coraline)
"Arthur, no climb!" (Betty)
"More ____ please." (all)
"Lady get rock." (Coraline)
"That in hand." (Betty)
"Shhh. Betty Corline sleep." (Arthur)
"No Corcor take." (Betty)
"All done Betty." (Arthur)
"Daddy come see." (Coraline)
"That baby's sock." (Betty)
"Ready, out! The rain stop." (Betty)

Oh, and Betty also loves singing the opening to Sesame Street song. But she doesn't know the words, instead bellows out loudly, "DAAAA DEEEEE DAAAH!" Finally, Arthur has been working on his pronunciation of Coraline's name (though he still confuses her for Betty). He now calls her "Corline," which is amazingly close. However, most of the time in the house, it's "Artr," "Babee," and "Conka."

In other news, Coraline got in her first 2-year molar (top left).

Tooth count: A-16, B-18, C-17


Anonymous said...

no explanation of this giant mushroom thing? what the heck is that?

ABC Triplets said...

Oh, well, it's a giant mushroom. Sort of self-explanatory. It had been growing in mom and dad's backyard. We wanted to see how big it would grow, but Arthur had other plans...