Thursday, June 04, 2009


Yesterday, as I went to bring in Arthur from his nap in the car, I almost stepped right onto a six-foot long black kingsnake that was draped across Nana and Pop Pop's front step. I called Nana over, and the three of us watched the giant reptile slither its way off the porch. It then turned, and slithered up into the outer walls, in a gap in the house's wooden siding. This eventually started the "Great Snake Battle of 2009." We managed to get the giant snake out of the house, and filled in the gap so he won't be able to return. Arthur talked about it all day, and we love how nasal his pronunciation of "snake" is.

Then today, the girls got to see a few other (smaller) snakes slither across the driveway. Evidently the rain has driven them out of their homes. So after our encounters with the baby birds, the mice, the squirrels, the opossums, the bats, the deer, the wild turkey, the coyote, the black bear, the turtles, and now the snakes, we can't wait for what other adventures Mother Nature has for us.

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