Sunday, June 07, 2009

A New Hat and a Dry Day

Digging around in some old boxes, I found an old green and yellow Snoopy hat that I used to wear as a kid. Now the triplets love wearing it - especially Coraline. Today Coraline would not take it off. She wore it through all of her meals, and even at nap time. Here's a picture of me wearing the hat when I was almost 4.

And today also was the first time that all of the kids were dry for the whole day - they each only used a single pair of underwear. We celebrated by eating ice cream sandwiches after dinner. We'll move up the potty timer to 40 minutes tomorrow.

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CoolKay said...

I remember that hat!!! Wow she looks just like you in that picture. I love their hair - all the curls!