Thursday, January 22, 2009

Library Day

Today we made our second attempt to take the triplets to the toddler reading day at the library. The first time we tried this, we had to leave early (it involved Coraline and Arthur getting into the reader's box of props, and Erin chasing Betty around, trying to get a remote control out of her hands). Today was a success though! We politely sat through two books and a number of songs, before going to explore the rest of the library.


Kristin and Paul Dood said...

Hello! My name is Kristin and I am also the mom of ABC triplets. I just came across your blog and I am in love with the little ABC blocks you have at the bottom of your pictures. Any chance you might be willing to share with me how to do that? I would love to put such a cute thing on my pictures, but have no idea how and don't want to copy without permission. And where on earth did you find those fabulous baby a, baby b and baby c shirts? I should have taken lessons from you. You can check out our blog at
Thanks so much for your time. I know how valuable it is! Take care! :0), Kristin

April said...

I am a mother of twins that were born the same time as your tripets. I love reading your blog and seeing all of the fun things you do with the triplets.

I wanted to pass on the lmenonde award to you for having such a wonderful blog. You can find it on my blog.