Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Collections

All of the kids have their own collections, that they focus on when they are playing. Now they've even gotten to the point where they know what each other likes, and will bring finds to the appropriate sibling. Coraline loves collecting small balls. On walks, she picks up colorful B-B pellets, and in the backyard she collects spent galls that have fallen off the oak trees around us.

Arthur loves collecting toadstools (we don't call them mushrooms, because you can eat mushrooms - we don't know how poisonous these ones are). At Nana and Pop Pop's house there is an amazing variety of toadstools. Arthur fills up his collecting cups, or the back of his dump truck every single day, and by the next morning, there's a whole new batch for him to find.

Both of the girls love collecting rocks, especially Betty. Usually Betty will hold a rock or two in her hands when she goes places, or even when she naps!

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