Monday, October 22, 2007

Overheard in Virginia

Some workmen came to Nana and Pop Pop's house today to fix the garage door and some other random things in the house. We took the triplets out, as usual, to avoid any germs the men might be carrying in. We did our usual circuit of the mall, and tried to find Erin a new pair of shoes, as her feet have grown from a size 9 to a size 9.5W. Not feeling up to a mall feeding, we headed home after a few hours, only to find the workmen were still in the house.

The men certainly got an impression of the triplets as we quickly brought in three wailing babies who were a few minutes past their feeding time. (It gets ugly if we push them too long) Once we got the babies calmed down, and sucking on their bottles, we realized that we could clearly hear the workmen upstairs talking about us. The conversation went:

Work Man #1: "Did you see those babies downstairs?"
Work Man #2: "I'd never choose to have triplets."
Work Man #1: "Did you see the mother and father? They look normal."
Work Man #2: "I can't imagine telling my momma and daddy I was bringing home triplets."

So, yes, evidently having triplets is a choice, but one abnormal parents make.

(Arthur was mesmerized by the ceiling fan last night...and yes, we had to dress him in his Halloween outfit because everything else was in the wash!)


Tanya said...

Hey Erin! I love your blog. Your babies are so sweet :) Hope to see you around sometime soon...would love to see those sweet babies!!

Kelly said...

Hahaha. I loved the comments about choosing to have triplets. Too funny. We seem pretty normal, I think. I mean, relatively.